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Competitor Analysis

Know who your competitors are when entering a new market.

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  • Learn how to analyse your business competitors 

For general business planning resources, check out the Write a business plan page.

For each market you are interested in, select at least three competitors and analyse your potential competitors by noting details for each of the following:

  • company description
  • foreign or domestic?
  • products
  • market share
  • quality
  • price
  • delivery
  • performance
  • credit terms
  • customer service
  • after sales service
  • warranties.

In each market, take note of your:

  • key point of difference
  • key success factors
  • key weakness.

Summarise the details about your competitors including:

  • who and where they are
  • how you'll position your product or service against them
  • your product or service features against theirs and what gives you a competitive edge 
  • the benefits of your service or product to the consumer
  • comparison of your pricing, promotion and distribution.