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Check if you're ready to export

Assess if your business is ready to export.

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  • Export Readiness Checklist
  • ExportCheck Diagnostic Tool

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There is no magic formula to determine whether you are ready to commence or expand exports. Consider the following questions and apply them honestly to your own business situation. Your responses should indicate whether you are prepared for the international marketplace or whether you need to devote more time and resources before committing to export.

Export Readiness Checklist

  1. Are you prepared to devote additional time, effort and resources that will be required to become a successful exporter?
  2. If you are not the owner or manager of the business, will the directors provide you with their full backing and support and recognise exporting as a legitimate activity and integral part of the Business Plan?
  3. Are you able to identify unique features and qualities of your product and services that will enable you to exploit overseas market opportunities?
  4. Can your products or services be modified to accommodate overseas market requirements if necessary?
  5. Does your business have a proven track record and a strong marketing presence in Australia? 
  6. Do you have high quality promotional and marketing material?
  7. Do you have sufficient management skills and expertise to develop and service export markets? If not, could these be acquired?
  8. Do you have surplus capacity or the flexibility to expand production quickly if export orders are obtained?
  9. Do you have sufficient financial strength and resources to develop overseas markets?

If you are unsure of your response to any of these questions, you should seek professional business advice before making any commitments.

Export Readiness Resources

Other resources to consider:

Austrade's International Readiness Indicator, an online tool for new exporters designed to help Australian businesses determine whether their business is ready for exporting. 

VECCI's paid ExportCheck Diagnostic Tool, assesses the impact that current and future Free Trade Agreements could have on your business and uses a systematic process to determine your readiness to progress into your desired export markets.