The Now! In Season program was launched at one of Jakarta’s leading supermarkets, Hypermart, as part of an international trade and education visit to South-East Asia that includes Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

More than 19,000 tonnes of Victorian fruits were exported to Indonesia last year – representing the high demand for our top quality produce in a competitive Indonesian market.

The Now! In Season program draws on Victoria’s access to quality soil, a continual supply of clean water, strict safety regulations and innovative farm practices.

The program demonstrates to Indonesia, the Asia Pacific, Japan and the United States that Victorian fruits are the best in the world.

Victoria’s proximity to Indonesia enables us to offer a counter-seasonal supply of fruit to the northern hemisphere.

Victoria grows 90 per cent of Australia’s pears, 45 per cent of its apples and in the period 2014-15, total global fruit exports from Victoria reached $369 million dollars.


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