Session Overview

Victoria offers robust technology capabilities attractive to the UK’s ICT market. The UK’s Health Technology sector can however be a complex landscape for new suppliers and a daunting prospect for international technology companies who have not been active in the market before.

The National Health Service (NHS) constitutes the majority of the UK Health Care market and is a significant marketplace for suppliers - it is the 5th largest employer in the world and spends £100 billion per annum on products and services. The UK Government is investing heavily over the next few years to transform the NHS with a particular focus on digitisation and e-health models.

In this webinar session, Martin Shiderov, Investment Advisor Life Sciences at UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) will provide an overview of the UK's health care and life sciences ecosystem, market opportunities and key players in the Health Technology sector.

Frances Pennell-Buck, formerly Chair of three NHS Councils will provide a breakdown of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to outline the priorities, challenges and resultant opportunities for technology providers, as well as outlining the requirements and major procurement channels for supplying to the UK healthcare market.

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