MADE, founded in 2005 by former Brighton Grammar mates Matthew Dennis, Luke Marget and Brad Wilson, will become the first Australian company to export fresh milk via clear plastic resealable bottles (PET)) by sea which will generate new opportunity for dairy farmers.

The development of technology to extend the shelf life of fresh milk by more than three months has enabled MADE to secure a $2 million contract to export 200,000 litres of fresh milk to Malaysia each month.

The deal will not add to the price of milk and will give MADE a competitive advantage over its rivals. Other Australian companies exporting fresh milk to Asia rely on refrigerated airfreight to transport the milk which is costly.

The innovation is timely as it comes when demand  for fresh milk rather than long life products is increasing among the rising middle class of Asian nations.

MADE, was also the first Australian company to launch vitamin-infused bottled water, coconut water, high-protein breakfast drinks and cold-pressed juices with extended shelf life.

In doing so, the company jumped ahead of much larger competitors Coca-Cola Amatil, Lion's Berri Juice Co and Asahi's Schweppes.

MADE will also export its high-protein Rokeby Farms breakfast smoothie to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan this year and is planning to export cold-pressed juices, to Asia and the Middle East.

Focusing on developing innovative new products, underpinned by unique manufacturing processes, is at the heart of MADE’s successful business strategy. That is complimented by a national distribution network serving 15,000 customers, including Coles and Woolworths.

MADE has invested more than $20 million into its ultra-clean processing technology that extends the shelf life of fresh milk and cold-pressed juice from around 30 days to 100 days.

The company identifies niche food and beverage markets such as impressed juices. These are cold-filled and placed under high pressure to neutralize bacteria without the need for heat-pasteurisation.

MADE revenues have grown 50 per cent a year for the past three years to $65 million and its four brands – Nutrient Water, Cocobella, Rokeby Farms and Impressed – generate retail sales of $120 million.

And exports are also forecast to generate 10 per cent of sales by the end of 2017 and 20 per cent by 2018.


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