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Australian Automotive Week

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10 Mar 15 1:41 pm - 15 Mar 15 1:41 pm



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Australian Automotive Week

Australian Automotive Week (AAW) is the premier showcase for Australia's automotive industry.Established 14 years ago, this annual event promotes the expertise of the automotive sector while focusing on new ideas, and emerging trends and technologies within automotive and the wider manufacturing industry. 

Built on a unique partnership between the Victorian Government and the automotive sector, AAW has been designed to maximise opportunities for people and businesses within the Australian automotive sector and adjacent industries to connect with international markets as well as each other.

Held to coincide with the ultimate automotive event – the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix, AAW 2015 will showcase Victoria’s world class R&D facilities, specialist design, engineering, materials application and manufacturing capabilities.  

The program of events will promote business engagement and showcase Australia’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities.

This year, Crown Promenade in Melbourne will be a thriving hub for experts and senior representatives to meet and discuss business opportunities and form partnerships along the supply chain. Activities taking place at the Crown Promenade include the Asia Pacific Automotive Engineers Conference, the Cars of Tomorrow Conference and the Automotive Supplier Showcase.

AAW highlights

The 18TH Asia Pacific Automotive Engineers Conference 2015

The Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (SAE-A), in conjunction with the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA), proudly present the 18th Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference (APAC) to be held on the 10th and 11th of March 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.This internationally renowned conference attracts more than 200 delegates from across the globe and promises to cover a mix of technical, plenary and student sessions showcasing the latest in automotive technology research and development. For more details go to the APAC18 website

The Cars of Tomorrow (CoTC)

Another major conference for Australian Automotive Week in 2015, the annual CoTC will cover topics that address the needs of the automotive industry today.  The Cars of Tomorrow 2015 will consider the changing role of the automobile in our personal mobility.
The event will feature a number of international keynotes, including:

  • Phil Gott, Senior Director, Long Range Planning, IHS Automotive – ‘Rethinking how we move people and goods’
  • Tali Trigg, Transport Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency – ‘Future Fuels & Technology – Likely Scenarios and Timelines’

Key presentations will include:

  • ‘The World’s Most Liveable City in 2040’ – What Might it Look Like, and how is it Achievable? -    Safe, Efficient, Interactive, Connected Vehicles
  •  Blue Sky Thinking – Stuff to Get Excited About
  • A Hypothetical: Getting from Here to There – Challenges & Opportunities

You can check out the Cars of Tomorrow website and subscribe.

Australian Supplier Trade Show

The Victorian Government in collaboration with the SAE-A will host the Australian Supplier Trade Show in Crown Promenade, Melbourne. This is an opportunity for local suppliers to showcase their products and capabilities to international delegates and visitors from adjacent industries.

It might interest you to know that the 2014 event achieved:

•    >100 international visitors from ASEAN, China, Japan, India, USA, Europe
•    >400 business connections
•    >200 Victorian organisations participated
•    37 organisations exhibited at the Supplier Trade Show in Geelong  

Register your interest

For the opportunity to take part in business matching and site visits with international delegates. We encourage Victorian suppliers to register.

Register your interest for 2015 

Victorian companies

This opportunity is for registered international and interstate visitors to engage with Victorian automotive suppliers at a business level. These business matching and site visits can be one-on-one or can be presentations to a country delegation.

The meetings and site visits cover the breadth of research and development, design and engineering, technologists and components manufacturers.

The business meetings and site visits will be highly targeted to maximise business opportunities for the participants.  Eligible participants will be consulted regarding the manufacturers and service providers they wish to engage.

The Industry Capability Network (ICN) is working with the Victorian Government in maximising your business opportunities.

To register or update your company profile visit the ICN Gateway.

Information for overseas investors

Victoria is the home of Australia's automotive industry, with key assemblers, component manufacturers, design houses, toolmakers and other automotive businesses.

Register your Interest and we will provide you with further information on a variety of Victorian automotive organisations in the areas of:

  • technology innovation
  • body, chassis and drive train
  • electrical control and interior
  • engineering and manufacturing
  • education and training.

Find out what's happening in 2015

You can get a full program guide by downloading the guides below.

Download the AAW Program 2015 (PDF 682.98 KB)PDF icon

Download the AAW Program 2015 (DOCX 3706.32 KB)DOCX icon

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Event provider: Victorian Automotive Industry

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Booking Required: No


Cost: This event is free, but registration is required