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Webinar - Opportunities are Everywhere: Why the Middle East and North Africa?

Venue and dates

24 Mar 15 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm



Description of the training or event

Are you looking to expand your business internationally, and considering whether the Middle East should be part of your strategy?

If you’re going to go to an emerging market, why the Middle East? Why not an Asian market?

Dearin & Associates’ webinar, Opportunities Are Everywhere: Why the Middle East and North Africa? will discuss commercial opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and why your company should consider operating there.

Specifically, we will talk about:

  • Why many Australian companies don’t have the MENA region in their strategic plan
  • what some of the key obstacles to doing business there are
  • why companies should be looking seriously at the region as a place to do business
  • what opportunities are on offer, particularly in the food and agribusiness sector.

Guest speaker, Greg Darwell from Mulwarra Export will provide insight into his experience growing his business in the MENA region, and the opportunities in the food and agribusiness sector.

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Event provider: Dearin & Associates' webinar

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Booking Required: Yes


Cost: This event is free, but registration is required