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Aerospace Meetings Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Venue and dates

09 Jun 14 12:00 am - 11 Jun 14 12:00 am


Kuala Lumpur

Description of the training or event

Kuala Lumpur International Aerospace & Defense Business Convention aims to :

  • Attract the investments from overseas to Malaysia by setting up companies, or sub-contracting their products etc;
  • Provide the opportunities to the Malaysian suppliers to develop business with OEMS and the international companies;
  • Help OEMS, and Tier 1 suppliers  to develop their supply chain in emerging countries;
  • Offer outstanding networking opportunities to manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, subcontractors, services providers and clusters around the globe.

Victorian businesses may be eligible for support to attend this event.  Visit the Trade Event Program page for more information.

Event Provider Information

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