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Webinar: Autistic? Own your talents, become your own boss


If you're a 'spectrumite' who is curious about business then join this online seminar with work systems consultant Dr Wendy Elford, for an interesting take on the journey towards becoming your own boss. All you need to get started is a talent, skill or a unique ability that has the potential to create serious value for your community. Many individuals on the autism spectrum have made their own way in business; some are quite famous. If you think this might be an option for future you, then join us to find out what your options are, tips on mapping your path to get there and top secrets to success. We'll use real-life stories to cover: <ul> <li>Different types of businesses and business models</li> <li>How to start off, keep going and track your progress, and</li> <li>What works for other people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.</li> </ul>

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