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Podcast: Successfully navigating your customer relationships


Three diverse women freelancers from regional Victoria discuss how they manage the close-up personal side of their relationships with customers and clients. This podcast will help you apply the practical strategies and experiences that technology can't, so you can forge healthier relationships for your business. Learn how to manage and navigate the good relationships key to micro businesses. How to remain respectful, keep harmony and set boundaries without being patronising, blunt or offensive. On the panel are: <ul> <li>Australian Aid Person of the Year 2016, partnership and impact consultant, Rhonda Chapman, who works locally, nationally and internationally.</li> <li>Award-winning writer and mother of small children, Lindy Alexander, who blogs and is published in Sunday Life, Delicious and numerous other food/travel/lifestyle publications.</li> <li>Cass Ewing who provides local businesses and individuals with solutions for the tasks they don?t have the inclination to undertake themselves.Th</li> </ul> This podcast is hosted by Tim Ford, founder of Cohoots Coworking, and is available for a month from 7 August, 2018

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