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How to fire someone without getting sued


Everyone wants to hire great people. But firing non-performers is a whole other story and a must-have skill for every small business. Employers face three main problems when it comes to firing an employee: they fear getting sued; they fail the unfair dismissal test; or, they do nothing and just hang on to the non-performing employee, which impacts productivity and morale. It costs an employee less than $100 to lodge a complaint and up to the equivalent of six months salary to for you to pay an Unfair Dismissal fine. So the onus is on you, as a business owner, to educate and protect yourself. Get yourself equipped with tools to help you reduce your risk and understand how you can exit non-performing employees confidently at this webinar. A free unfair dismissal calculator template will be included for all attendees to help you calculate potential costs and exposure.


Presenter and employee expert Natasha Hawker is founder and director of employee relations company Employee Matters which helps business owners, who have limited time and money, hire great people and, just as importantly, fire non-performers. Make the most of this opportunity to share her knowledge, so you can grow your business faster than ever before through your employees.

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