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Life design for startups and business leaders


You're an entrepreneur, a leader, one of an exciting crowd of ambitious people who want to change the world. Your latest startup is going to take extraordinary effort. But you can take a different approach to planning and learn how you can lead a more balanced portfolio life instead. Discover how to blend spending time with friends and your favourite sports and hobbies with your special project. Learn how to set yourself up for more - not less success. Be clear about this. You'll want to keep both healthy and sane; some of the most successful people on the planet have shown how well this lifestyle can work. This is your chance to join them.


Are you aiming to crack the code to success? Perhaps you see your startup as an escape route to a new life? Learn incredibly simple principles behind the life design skills you'll need. We'll show you how to map out the long-term juggling act called the portfolio life. Make sure you hold the secrets to a 21st century career, one that keeps you motivated and moving into the path of opportunity and success in the new world of work.

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