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The hidden code behind sales and leadership excellence


How to connect, build likeability, trust and rapport to close the sale while inspiring a high performing team. Find out how all that is possible using no more than the science of human behavior. There are no steps to learn, no tricks, no gimmicks and you absolutely won't be doing anything that resembles the "old school" hard sell. Discover how human behavior impacts every interaction and how you can use your conscious mind to appeal directly to the unconscious mind of your buyers and team members.


Discover how to align with your ideal buyer and your team members within the first minute of your interaction with them. Even better, achieve these outstanding results whilst being the most congruent and authentic version of you.

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Geelong City Hall
57 Little Malop Street
Geelong 3219

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Paid parking.

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Geelong City Hall
57 Little Malop Street
Geelong 3219
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Marcus Savidis

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