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  • Find out about the free webinars from the 2016 Festival

2016 Free Festival Webinars

Small Business Festival Victoria 2016 has concluded, but you can still view recordings of the webinars directly with our providers.

Small Business Festival Victoria thanks all our great webinar partners, presenters, and participants for making out 2016 festival our largest one yet. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more useful small business tips and events throughout the year.

Festival Webinars


Missed a webinar? Get in touch with our webinar partners for recordings or other great webinars.

Her Business

Get More Referrals and Repeat Sales from Existing Clients

Our existing customers can be our very best source of new business, and the best referrers of new clients. In this webinar you’ll learn easy ways to build upsells, repeat sales, and recommendations and referrals into your existing systems so that you can produce predictable future business.

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How I Got Started

Hear inspiring stories of startup challenges and success with this engaging webinar. Apply learnings from others’ ups and downs and discover new strategies for growth.

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How to Know and Find Your Ideal Client

Do you have a crystal clear picture of your ideal client? Knowing exactly which clients you want to attract helps you focus your efforts so you’re not running around creating ‘one size fits all’ products, services, and marketing that doesn’t have an impact. This webinar shows you how to define your ideal client and make your marketing easier.

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The New Way to Get More Leads

Learn how to attract new customers by offering them something they really need. One sure fire way to get more leads is to offer prospects something that adds value to their life and that they’re willing to exchange for their attention. The better you can match your offer with what your prospect is looking for, the more successful you will be at capturing their details and getting them closer to being a customer.

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Smart Company

Inspiring Future Workplaces

Join this engaging conversion looking at the future of the workplace. Exploring issues to do with technology, diversity, innovation, and an ageing population – this webinar is a great way to take part in the discussion around how your business can hone its focus to be genuinely future-thinking.

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Flying Solo

Get Smart with Social Media

Blogger, podcaster, author, and Flying Solo Editor – Kelly Exeter – steps us through a quick-fire exploration of the most effective social media and publishing channels available to today’s small businesses. From Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to podcasting and video, you’ll learn what medium deserves your attention and the steps it takes to succeed with them.

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LinkedIn for Lead Generation

If you’re in the professional services business and want to learn how to enjoy a steady flow of leads from LinkedIn, join Adam Houlahan as he talks with Flying Solo’s Robert Gerrish. This content-rich webinar will show you how to create a truly compelling profile page, and make the most of LinkedIn’s powerful promotional tools.

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Secrets of Solo Success

After a decade of working with thousands of Australian small business owners, Flying Solo founder, Robert Gerrish understand the essential habits and actions of those who thrive. In this presentation, writer, blogger and award winning soloist, Kate Toon joins Gerrish to reveal the proven tips, tolls, and techniques to successfully launch a new venture or rejuvenate the one you’re already in.

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