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Get fantastic content and advice wherever you are with Small Business Festival's free webinars

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Accessing great content and ideas wherever you are is easier than ever with the Small Business Festival's 2016 free webinar series.

Festival Webinars

Upcoming Featured Webinars

How I got started

25 August, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Presented by: HerBusiness

Hear inspiring stories of startup challenges and success with this engaging hour-long webinar. Apply learnings from others? ups and downs to your own business and discover new strategies for growth.

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Simple ways to green your business and save money

26 August, 12:30 pm - 1:30pm
Presented by: Powershop Australia Pty Ltd

Empower yourself with simple ways to cut your businesses electricity costs. This webinar, hosted by Powershop, will look at easy ways to green your business. The presentation will give you a better understanding of your electricity bill and will show you innovative tools which can enable you to reduce your energy use. Two independent industry experts will also discuss energy saving tips for small business owners. Learn how going green can be good for your business' bottom line. This will be a prerecording from the presentation being run as part of this year's Small Business Festival Victoria

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