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Our business podcasts give you the lowdown on key trends affecting the Victorian small business space.

Launching 1 Aug 2017 on popular podcast streaming services


Episode #1 – Humanising Work

It’s easy to lost in overwork in the early days of running a startup. But you are your Number One  asset, so you need to find a balance between work and well-being.

This episode covers:

  • How to protect the ‘human assets’ of the business
  • Taking care of your mental health
  • Making sure that the self-employment dream matches up with reality


Episode #2 – The Women Of Small Business

In Victoria, a huge number of small business owners, starters, movers and shakers are women. This podcast explores why women become entrepreneurs, the challenges and the benefits of running a small business, and you’ll hear from successful women in small business in Victoria.


Episode #3 – Taking The Leap: Delve Into The Mind Of A Startup

How do you take the leap from employee to entrepreneur?

This episode covers:

  • Essentials to consider
  • Startups on the verge
  • Where to find support
  • Getting started – first steps


Episode #4 – Social Enterprises: Doing Business For A Purpose

Victoria is on the cusp of a social enterprise startup boom, with businesses from all industries taking up the mantle of social good and community activism. We talk with some of those innovative leaders building businesses for social good.

This episode covers:

  • Social Enterprises
  • Benefit Corporations (B-Corps)
  • Impact Investing
  • For Purpose Organisations


Episode #5 – Innovation: The Nuts & Bolts Behind The Buzzword

It’s the business buzzword that has everyone talking, but what exactly does it mean to be innovative?

This episode covers:

  • Using the digital sphere to elevate small business service
  • Doing big things with small resources
  • Learning about innovation from the technology boom


Episode #6 – Beyond The Leap: Growing Your Business

So you’ve been up and running for a few years... Now what?

This episode covers:

  • Starting out in international trade
  • Small business R&D grants (government and private)
  • Scaling your business to grow from small to medium