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Faces of Small Business Exhibition

Celebrate outstanding small businesses around Victoria

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Faces of Small Business 2015 


About the exhibition

Celebrate outstanding small businesses from across Victoria with this collection of personal images and stories that highlight some of the ways Victorian small businesses inspire us all.

The 2015 Faces of Small Business exhibition was held at multiple locations in metropolitan Melbourne and around the state as part of Small Business Festival Victoria during August.

Set for the first time as a stunning outdoor installation, the exhibition showcased 10 small businesses who go the extra mile for their staff, customers, community and the planet.

To find out more about these businesses, follow the links below.


The Faces of Small Business 2015

Adam Marks Thumbnail  Beckie White Thumbnail  Ben Wilson Thumbnail  Dr Ross Headifen and John Mancarella Thumbnail  Elizabeth Stannells Thumbnail  Karen Corr Thumbnail  Leanne Thompson Thumbnail  Pam Hutchinson Thumbnail  Philippa Bakes Thumbnail  Trish and Phil Chapallaz Thumbnail