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Taking growth opportunities

Through the Grow Your Business Program, we developed a close relationship with a business consultant.
Roger Bengtsson, Shakanda Engineering, Leongatha.

Top tips

  • Develop relationships with business consultants
  • Review your business strategically
  • Think laterally

The background

Shakanda Engineering is a respected innovator and supplier of specialised products for use in automotive body building, commercial, industrial and residential construction projects, water and sewerage industry, mining and dairy industries.

Company founder, Roger Bengtsson, started the business in the late 1990's with the aim of developing a regional, specialist manufacturing business which would employ local people and work closely with its community.

'I got serious about taking the business to the next level four years ago,' explains Roger.

About the Grow Your Business Program

The Grow Your Business program assists small businesses in becoming internationally competitive through planning and development services.

The program enables businesses to engage independent specialists to identify ways to stimulate growth through investment in research and innovation, or exploring new export opportunities.

Grow Your Business helps businesses attract investment, create new marketing opportunities, share management challenges, and generate environmentally sustainable practices.

Eligible businesses can apply for Grow Your Business grants for strategic reviews which identify business strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Grants are also available for business development plans, networking and mentoring programs.

How the program helped

'Through the Grow Your Business Program (GYB), we developed a close relationship with a business consultant. That led to development of a Strategic Business Review and Business Development Plan. Both have been very beneficial to planned growth and mean Shakanda is better positioned to develop strategies for the future.'

Roger is now undertaking the third stage of GYB - Mentoring Assistance.

Find out more about the Grow Your Business Program

'As the Australian automotive sector goes through tough times, Shakanda will continue to think laterally, diversify and innovate. We're all about developing niche products and GYB has given me the confidence and the knowledge we need to move the business to the next stage.'

The result

Roger took his business to the next level and was able to survive the tough times the Australian automotive industry went through. He now has the skills and connections to be able to think strategically about his business' future and cope with external factors.